KFC Menu serves yummy breakfast. You can enjoy classic morning favorites like Original Recipe Twister and sandwiches. They also have healthy options. Whether you like tasty treats or nutritious picks, the KFC breakfast menu has something for everyone. It’s a great way to start your day with deliciousness.

Let’s discuss the calories present in the KFC breakfast menu. Calories act as a measure of the energy found in our food. KFC provides details about calories so we understand our food. If you’re enjoying a breakfast sandwich, a delicious twister, or a generous platter, it’s smart to check the calories. This helps us make wise food decisions and stay mindful of our health. So, when selecting something tasty from KFC’s breakfast menu, look at the calories to ensure they suit you.

Original Recipe Porridge221
Original Recipe Platter556
Pancakes Platter290
Pancakes & Bacon Platter320
Original Recipe Twister484
American Twister461
Hash Brown102
Hot Milo – 237ml128
Iced Milo (reg) – 310ml188
Iced Milo (med) – 420ml254

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