KFC AM Calories Singapore (Updated 2024)

Understanding the KFC AM calories in Singapore is like knowing how much energy you get. Calories measure the energy in food. When you see the KFC AM menu, it’s essential to think about these numbers. The KFC menu makes it easy with a menu showing calories, helping you make healthy choices.

KFC AM Calories

KFC Menu wants to help people make smart choices about what they eat. It shows the number of calories in each item and other essential food information. This helps people pick healthier options, even when ordering from KFC AM menu. This menu makes it easier for everyone to eat well and stay fit.

Original Recipe Porridge

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Original Recipe Porridge350221
KFC Original Recipe Porridge SIngapore

Pancakes Platter 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Pancakes Platter250588
KFC Pancakes Platter Singapore

Pancakes Deluxe Platter

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Pancakes Deluxe Platter250.2884
KFC Pancakes Deluxe Platter

Original Recipe Twister 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Original Recipe Twister195484
KFC Original Recipe Twister

American Twister 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
American Twister195461
KFC American Twister Singapore

Riser with Egg 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Riser with Egg250.2884
KFC Riser with Egg

Hash Brown 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Hash Brown52102
KFC Hash Brown Singapore

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