Welcome to KFC Chicken Menu in Singapore, a favorite spot for fried chicken lovers. With its diverse menu, KFC offers a variety of options to satisfy different tastes and appetites. However, many people are now interested in knowing KFC’s offerings’ prices and calorie counts as they become more health-conscious. Understanding this information helps customers make informed choices that suit their dietary preferences and goals. Let’s explore the KFC chicken menu prices and calorie information in Singapore.

DishesPrices in SGD
Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick$3.50
Original Recipe Chicken Keel$4.00
Original Recipe Chicken Rib$3.00
Original Recipe Chicken Thigh$4.50
Original Recipe Chicken Wing$2.50
Hot & Crispy Chicken Drumstick$3.70
Hot & Crispy Chicken Keel$4.20
Hot & Crispy Chicken Rib$3.20
Hot & Crispy Chicken Thigh$4.70
Hot & Crispy Chicken Wing$2.70

KFC’s chicken menu offers a range of options, each with varying calorie counts. The Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick comes in at 149 calories, while the Keel packs 304 calories, the Rib contains 257 calories, the Thigh boasts 329 calories, and the Wing has 157 calories. For those craving a spicier kick, the Hot & Crispy selections are available, with the Drumstick totaling 212 calories, the Keel 390 calories, the Rib 220 calories, the Thigh 399 calories, and the Wing 190 calories. These calorie counts provide important information for those seeking to make informed dietary choices when enjoying KFC’s delicious chicken offerings.

Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick149
Original Recipe Chicken Keel304
Original Recipe Chicken Rib257
Original Recipe Chicken Thigh329
Original Recipe Chicken Wing157
Hot & Crispy Chicken Drumstick212
Hot & Crispy Chicken Keel390
Hot & Crispy Chicken Rib220
Hot & Crispy Chicken Thigh399
Hot & Crispy Chicken Wing190

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