Welcome to the KFC box meals menu in Singapore, which offers a wide range of tasty options at different prices. Whether you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly snack or a filling meal, there’s something for everyone. KFC box meals are convenient and satisfying, from crispy chicken to yummy sides and drinks.

When choosing from KFC menu box meals in Singapore, knowing the prices helps you make smart decisions. You can find the perfect meal by considering your budget. 

DishesPrices in SGD
Chicken Bak Kwa Burger Box$12.95
2pcs Chicken Box$11.50
3pcs Chicken Box$13.95
Original Recipe Stacker Box$13.90
Zinger Stacker Box$13.90
BBQ Cheese Zinger Box$12.70
Original Recipe Burger Box$11.70
BBQ Pockett Box$11.95
Zinger Box$11.70

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