KFC Chicken Calories Singapore (Updated 2024)

Understanding how much energy food gives our bodies is essential. We measure this energy in calories. When we eat food, we take in calories, which our bodies use for fuel. But it’s not just about energy; we must also consider other things like carbohydrates, especially fast food like KFC chicken in Singapore.

KFC Chicken Calories

KFC Menu in Singapore wants to make it easy for everyone to know what’s in their food. They have a simple menu that shows how many calories are in each item. This helps people see how much energy they get from their meals and how much fat, carbohydrates, and sodium they consume. It’s a way to help people make healthier choices when they eat out.

Original Recipe Chicken Calories 

DishesServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick63149
Original Recipe Chicken Keel142304
Original Recipe Chicken Rib105257
Original Recipe Chicken Thigh128329
Original Recipe Chicken Wing53157
KFC Chicken Calories Singapore

Hot & Crispy Chicken Calories 

DishesServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Hot & Crispy Chicken Drumstick86212
Hot & Crispy Chicken Keel160390
Hot & Crispy Chicken Rib93220
Hot & Crispy Chicken Thigh142399
Hot & Crispy Chicken Wing58190

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