KFC Drinks Calories in Singapore (Updated 2024)

At KFC Menu Singapore, they have lots of drinks to go with their tasty chicken. But it’s important to know about the calories in these drinks. Calories are like energy from food and beverages. When we talk about KFC drinks calories, we talk about how much energy they give us. Understanding this helps us make smart choices about what to drink and stay healthy.

KFC Drinks Calories

KFC makes it easy to see how many calories are in their drinks. They have a menu that’s easy to understand. It tells us what’s in each drink, so we can pick the one we like and still know how healthy it is. Whether we want a fizzy soda or a fruity drink, we can see how many calories it has. This helps us make smart choices and enjoy KFC meals.

KFC Pepsi 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Pepsi (reg)330ml155
Pepsi (med)470ml220
KFC Pepsi Drinks Calories

Pepsi Black 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Pepsi Black (reg)330ml0
Pepsi Black (med)470ml0
KFC Pepsi Black Drinks Calories

KFC 7 Up 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
7 Up (reg)330ml143
7 Up (med)470ml203
KFC 7 UP Drinks Calories Singapore

Mountain Dew 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Mountain Dew (reg)330ml152
Mountain Dew (med)470ml216
KFC Mountain Dew Singapore

Lipton Iced Tea

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Lipton Iced Lemon Tea (reg)303ml109
Lipton Iced Lemon Tea (med)446ml161
KFC Lipton Iced Tea Singapore

Nestle Sjora 

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
SJORA Mango Peach300ml113
SJORA Mango Peach (med)410ml154
KFC Nestle Sjora Singapore

Iced Milo

Dish Servings (g)Energy (kcal)
Iced Milo (reg)310ml188
Iced Milo (med)420ml254
KFC Iced Milo Singapore

Hot Milo

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Hot Milo237ml128
KFC Hot Milo Drink Singapore

Fresh Milk

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Magnolia Fresh Milk200ml132
KFC Fresh Milk

Polar Mineral Water

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Mineral Water600ml0
Polar Mineral Water KFC Singapore

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