KFC Calories Menu Singapore

Discovering the calorie content of KFC menu in Singapore is easy as we break it down. Here’s a glimpse into the calorie counts of some of KFC’s beloved items: an Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick with 149 calories, a Cheesy Zinger Stacker boasting 1106 calories, an Original Recipe Rice Bowl with 440 calories, Hot & Crispy Tenders (5 pcs) totaling 507 calories, and the delightful Popcorn Chicken with 446 calories. This provides a simple overview of the KFC calories values for popular menu items in Singapore.

KFC Calories Menu Singapore

KFC Calories Menu

ItemsCalories (kcal)
Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick149 Calories
Original Recipe Chicken Keel304 Calories
Original Recipe Chicken Rib257 Calories
Original Recipe Chicken Thigh329 Calories
Original Recipe Chicken Wing157 Calories
Hot & Crispy Chicken Drumstick212 Calories
Hot & Crispy Chicken Keel390 Calories
Hot & Crispy Chicken Rib220 Calories
Hot & Crispy Chicken Thigh399 Calories
Hot & Crispy Chicken Wing190 Calories
Cheesy Zinger Stacker1106 Calories
Zinger633 Calories
Shrooms Fillet Burger386 Calories
Colonel Burger451 Calories
Pockett Bandito622 Calories
Original Recipe Rice Bowl440 Calories
Curry Rice Bowl515 Calories
Famous Potato Bowl356 Calories
Original Recipe Porridge221 Calories
Original Recipe Platter556 Calories
Pancakes Platter290 Calories
Pancakes & Bacon Platter320 Calories
Original Recipe Twister484 Calories
American Twister461 Calories
Riser515 Calories
Hash Brown102 Calories
Hot & Crispy Tenders (3 pcs)304 Calories
Hot & Crispy Tenders (5 pcs)507 Calories
Nuggets (6 pcs)239 Calories
Nuggets (20 pcs)796 Calories
Popcorn Chicken446 Calories
Whipped Potato (reg)51 Calories
Whipped Potato (med)102 Calories
Coleslaw (reg)98 Calories
Coleslaw (med)197 Calories
French Fries (reg)242 Calories
French Fries (med)343 Calories
French Fries (lrg)367 Calories
French Fries (reg)592 Calories
KFC Froyo – Natural Cone107 Calories
KFC Froyo – Natural Cup118 Calories
Mineral Water0 Calories
Magnolia Fresh Milk – 200ml132 Calories
Hot Milo – 237ml128 Calories
Pepsi (reg) – 330ml155 Calories
Pepsi (med) – 470ml220 Calories
Pepsi Black (reg) – 330ml0 Calories
Pepsi Black (med) – 470ml0 Calories
7 Up (reg) – 330ml143 Calories
7 Up (med) – 470ml203 Calories
Mountain Dew (reg) – 330ml152 Calories
Mountain Dew (med) – 470ml216 Calories
Mug Root Beer (reg) – 330ml145 Calories
Mug Root Beer (med) – 470ml207 Calories
Lipton Iced Lemon Tea (reg) -330ml109 Calories
Lipton Iced Lemon Tea (med) – 446ml161 Calories
SJORA Mango Peach – 330ml113 Calories
SJORA Mango Peach (med) – 410ml154 Calories
Iced Milo (reg) – 310ml188 Calories
Iced Milo (med) – 420ml254 Calories
Coffee No Sugar0 Calories
Tea No Sugar0 Calories

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