Welcome to KFC Burger Menu in Singapore has lots of tasty burgers for everyone. They’ve got spicy ones like the Zinger and classic ones like Original Recipe. Whether you like chicken or veggies, KFC has something yummy for you. Their burgers are made with good stuff to make sure they taste great.

Regarding prices and calories, KFC’s burgers are affordable and give you the necessary information. You can find a burger that fits your budget, and they even tell you how many calories each has. So, whether you’re watching your calories or want a good deal, KFC’s burger menu in Singapore has you covered.

DishesPrices in SGD
Cheesy Zinger Stacker$9.95
Shrooms Fillet Burger$7.45
Colonel Burger$6.95

How much calories does a KFC burger have? KFC burgers have different amounts of energy inside them, which we measure in calories. Some burgers have more calories than others. For example, the Cheesy Zinger Stacker has a lot of calories, 1106. The Zinger burger has 633 calories. The Shrooms Fillet Burger has 386 calories, and the Colonel Burger has 451 calories.

Cheesy Zinger Stacker1106
Shrooms Fillet Burger386
Colonel Burger451

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