KFC Bowl Calories in Singapore (Updated 2024)

KFC Bowl calories in Singapore show how much energy is in this dish. Calories are like the fuel our bodies need to work. When we know how many calories are in something like the KFC Bowl, we can decide if it’s good for us to eat.

KFC Bowl Calories

The KFC menu in Singapore is easy to understand. It tells you how many calories each item has so you can pick what’s best for you. This helps you make healthy choices while enjoying tasty food from KFC. With clear calorie information, you can feel confident about your meal selections and maintain a balanced diet.

Original Recipe Rice Bowl

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Original Recipe Rice Bowl270440
Original Recipe Rice Bowl Singapore

Curry Rice Bowl

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Curry Rice Bowl294515
KFC Curry Rice Bowl

Famous Potato Bowl

DishServings (g)Energy (kcal)
Famous Bowl450356
KFC Famous Potato Bowl Singapore

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